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About Annesley

Located in London, Annesley Abercorn is a proud patriot, philanthropist, and former Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservative Party. Annesley believes his life’s mission is to help others and pay forward the kindness he was shown as a young man. Therefore, Annesley founded and continues to organise the Dream Ball, a fundraising event that benefits Big Change.

Founded by HRH Princess Beatrice and Holly and Sam Branson, Big Change’s mission is to build up underprivileged children by providing access to mentors, mental health care solutions, as well as opportunities to grow and learn in real-life capacities.

This cause is especially important to Annesley Abercorn because he recognizes how frequently young people waste their potential in the face of difficult situations, especially when they feel left behind. As such, the initial concept of the Dream Ball was brought to life.

To learn more about Annesley Abercorn and his life’s work, be sure to visit his website.

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